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Congres AATOD

30 oktober 2022 t/m 03 november 2022




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The American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence works with federal and state agency officials concerning opioid treatment policy throughout the United States. We also work with our partner, the World Federation for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, with regard to international initiatives and working with designated agencies within the United Nations.

About the Conference

The 2022 American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, Inc. (AATOD) Conference will be held in Baltimore, Maryland at the Baltimore Hilton Inner Harbor, October 30 – November 3, 2022. The 2022 conference theme is “The Power of Collaboration.”

Our intent is to educate and promote acceptance and integration of MAT options by patients, families, clinicians, the medical system, judicial systems, government, policymakers, social service administrations, and the general public. We will disseminate innovative, evidence-based initiatives and treatment techniques to better serve patients and providers, improve program development and administration, promote integration across the continuum of care, and enhance patient outcomes to assist communities in developing an effective response to this crisis.

Conference Objectives

  • To discuss the latest research and regulatory developments relevant to the field of medication-assisted treatment and critically evaluate the implications in managing the opioid epidemic;
  • To disseminate innovative and evidence-based initiatives designed to increase access to services, improve program development and administration, and enhance patient outcomes;
  • To strategize approaches to promote, support, facilitate, and integrate medication-assisted treatment into the judicial and penal systems, government, social service organizations, and mainstream medicine;
  • To identify and promote strategies that assist healthcare partnerships and collaborations by advancing understanding and acceptance of medication-assisted treatment as a crucial element to community wellness and response to the opioid epidemic; and
  • To address and refute misinformation and stigma and promote acceptance of comprehensive medication-assisted treatment throughout the continuum of care.

The AATOD Conference is the largest gathering of the opioid treatment community. This conference brings innovative people together in a diverse array of forums and workshops. Hot Topic Roundtable discussions, inspirational plenary sessions, tours of programs, and exhibit booths with the latest technologies, science, and products that support our work are just a few of the activities that surely stimulated participant discussion, debate, and innovative ideas to share with our respective areas of work, our communities, and our treatment programs nationwide.

Continuing Education Credits

Applications to award Continuing Education Credits will be submitted for the following specialties:

  • Addiction Professionals
  • Counseling
  • Nursing
  • Physicians, Psychologist, and Physicians Assistants
  • Social Work

Registrants are responsible for confirming that credits earned will be accepted for their specified certification by the appropriate accrediting body.

 Full Schedule

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  • Dubbele Diagnose: psychiatrie en verslaving

    08 juni 2023, Aristo Amsterdam
  • The REAL impact of ADHD, de Kleur van ADHD

    08 juni 2023, Spoorwegmuseum Utrecht
    In behandeling
  • Congres FACT-jubileum congres 2023

    22 juni 2023, Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort
  • ADHD en verslaving

    27 juni 2023, Van der Valk Duiven
  • Congres Drugs

    28 juni 2023, Aristo Amsterdam, Teleportboulevard 100, Amsterdam Sloterdijk
  • E-learning: The REAL impact ADHD en Vrouwen

    03 november 2021 t/m 31 augustus 2023,
  • Masterclass “ADHD-MEDICATIE”

    06 februari 2023 t/m 26 september 2023, Op locatie
  • Webinar Ketamine

    27 september 2023,
    In behandeling
  • Booster InterCollegiale Toetsing

    04 oktober 2023, Online
  • ADHD-medicatie: klinische farmacologie & combineren met psychofarmaca

    10 oktober 2023, Van der Valk Schiedam
  • ADHD en Verslaving

    19 oktober 2023, van der Valk Amersfoort
  • E-learning Craft

    01 november 2021 t/m 23 oktober 2023,
  • E-learning Zorgprestatiemodel

    01 november 2021 t/m 01 november 2023,
  • Triple problematiek: LVB, verslaving en een psychische stoornis

    01 november 2023, Arnhem, CCD
  • Training Intercollegiale Toetsing met intervisie

    02 november 2023, Schola Medica, Utrecht
  • 25st Annual Congress of International Society of Addiction Medicine

    02 november 2023 t/m 04 november 2023, Marrakech, Morocco
  • ADHD-medicatie: klinische farmacologie & combineren met psychofarmaca

    14 november 2023, Amersfoort
  • Webinar 3-MMC

    15 november 2023, Online
  • Congres Jongeren en Mentale Gezondheid 2023

    23 november 2023, Maassilo in Rotterdam
    In behandeling
  • ADHD-medicatie: klinische farmacologie & combineren met psychofarmaca

    06 december 2023, Oostzaan
  • E-learning: Het stoppen-met-rokenadvies. Hoe geef ik dat?

    06 juni 2023 t/m 01 januari 2024,
  • E-learning ADHD the REAL impact – module 2

    24 oktober 2022 t/m 23 oktober 2024,
  • E-learning: ADHD the Real impact module 1

    25 oktober 2022 t/m 24 oktober 2024,
  • E-learning: ADHD & comorbide stoornissen

    01 november 2022 t/m 01 november 2024, Online
  • E-learning Psyfar Medicamenteuze behandeling bij depressie in de palliatieve fase

    07 maart 2023 t/m 06 maart 2025,
  • E-Learning Psyfar Verlagen van de kans op terugval in psychose

    07 maart 2023 t/m 06 maart 2025,
  • E-learning Psyfar Perioperatieve adviezen rondom psychofarmacagebruik

    07 maart 2023 t/m 06 maart 2025,
  • E-learning Psyfar Een kwestie van doseren

    07 maart 2023 t/m 06 maart 2025,