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E-learning: Optimizing ADHD treatment

28 september 2022 t/m 21 februari 2023

Geaccrediteerd voor buiten het vakgebied verslavingsgeneeskunde


Prof. Dr. Michael Huss, professor of child- and adolescent psychiatry University of Mainz (Germany) and head of the Mainz clinic of child- and adolescent psychiatry and psychology


Recent developments in the treatment of children and adolescents with ADHD will be presented. How can we focus more on the individual functional outcomes for patients and their families? What are current opportunities and strategies to optimize treatment outcomes? The aim of the “optimal management of ADHD” process could be described as where an individual patient’s level of symptoms and functional impairment are reduced, quality of life is improved and symptom benefts outweigh any unwanted adverse effects. This description is supported by some of the European and International guidelines for ADHD and current literature. Optimal management of ADHD” aims not only to ameliorate patients’ symptoms, but also to reduce functional impairment and improve quality of life. “Optimal management of ADHD” has been described in the literature using such terms as “optimal outcomes”, “optimising medication effects” and “optimal treatment success”. The “optimal management of ADHD” process should always consider input from the patient, family/caregivers and school to help establish appropriate therapy (non-pharmacological and pharmacological) and goals, resulting in a tailored multimodal treatment plan centred on the patient. European, Canadian and UK guidelines for the treatment of ADHD recommend a comprehensive, collaborative, multimodal approach to treatment tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Opbouw/programma e-learning Kernvraag: WHAT IS THE AIM OF “OPTIMAL MANAGEMENT OF ADHD”? • To improve quality of life • To improve psychosocial functioning • To attain remission of symptoms • To consider parent perspectives when planning treatment • To consider patient perspectives throughout diagnosis and treatment


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